by Jey Pandian

Can you load your website in a blink of an eye? In 2010, Google announced to the world that website speed is now a SEO ranking factor in its algorithms. Research from Google indicates that significantly less engagement is seen when Google.com slows down to a blink of an eye. The ramifications are huge whether you operate a […]



by Jey Pandian

Every month, I am going to share a flaw in Google’s search algorithms. It is up to you what you do with this knowledge, however, the smart SEO will likely exploit it before Google goes and fixes it. Take a look at the following query on Google Videos for “beer bonking,” screenshot below in case it gets […]

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by Jey Pandian

As some of you may know, links from .gov or government websites to your website are the most highly prized by Google. Unfortunately, these links are also notoriously difficult to acquire because government agencies cannot show bias or preferential treatment to commercial websites. Government links are highly valued because of the inherent trust and authoritative factors involved. Take […]

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In part one, I briefly took apart Lindt Chocolate’s information architecture and shared the pros and cons for different items in their primary navigation and showed why it was ineffective for SEO despite their best intentions. Today, I am going to take you step by step through the marketing driven SEO information architecture.  For the purpose of this […]

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by Jey Pandian

For first-time SEOs and small business owners, a proper content information architecture is one of the most difficult things to get right. A website with poorly constructed IA will have trouble ranking in Google for competitive words that have monthly search volumes that range anywhere from 3,000 to 100,000+ searches per month and will often […]


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by Jey Pandian

An attention hook is a piece of content built for the sole purpose of attracting other people’s attention. A properly crafted attention hook consists of a short succinct title with at least one compelling image. To an SEO, an attention hook is known as a link hook because people link out to the piece of […]

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by Jey Pandian

I have had the opportunity to optimize videos for several F1000 brands on YouTube such as Volkswagen of America, Revlon and U by Kotex; among other brands. Optimizing a video for YouTube has three main benefits: a) you can rank a video within YouTube.com for high visibility and b) you can also rank the same video […]

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Update 07/29/2014 Here’s a video that CopyPress took after they gave the backpacks that we donated to homeless people (below).   Dave Snyder and his team at CopyPress are hosting the Unconference in Chicago tomorrow at 9:00 am. If you are interested in attending, please sign up here. The cost of admission is one backpack per […]

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by Jey Pandian

I wrote this old guide for a good friend of mine who works for a F1000 hotel brand. I cannot disclose the brand or the friend but take a look below anyways. You will learn how to vet a potential agency from the perspective of an SEO who works for an agency. Start out with […]

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by Jey Pandian

I saw that Ian was looking for inspiration on his Twitter feed and I thought to myself, why not share some of the techniques that I use to spark creativity.  The key is to put your mind into a reflective state of being. Once you are in the reflective state, you’ll find that ideas flow […]

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